Alexis Voice Of Alliteration qejkrgh.jpg

Alliteration is the repetition of the initial sounds and words, either consonants or vowels, it can add muscicality to languaqe

Poets use alliteration to make words stand out and to connect words that need to be emphasized.
BETTER BE A BETTER BOY before you bother
betting that you'll bring her back home again.
Try to treat her like you treat a tender lady.
Tell her truthfully that you'll make amends.
She'll be upset for a while.
But you can win with the smile.

Like Poets, Hip-Hop artisst also use alliteration to emphasize words, sound, and musicality.

Betty Botter had some Butter
But she said, this batters bitter
If I bake this bitter butter
it would make my batter bitter
but if i had some better butter
that would make my batter better.

My example of Alliteration.

Bumble Bees, Bumboared Back to the Bee hive.
Familys Fumbled, away From the Forsing Family of Bees.